My Wildlife Challenge is delighted to have the support of our Global Ambassadors.

As they all demonstrate in their quotes, like so many people around the world they want to make a difference for wildlife. In doing so, they are showing future generations that they are joining the challenge to ensure nature's wildlife wonders will be around for years and decades to come.  

Danny Crates

Paralympic Athlete & Gold Medallist
Specialising in the 800m Sprint   

“I am supporting My Wildlife Challenge because it is imperative the world sees these beautiful creatures for what they are and not simply a commodity to be traded.  We need to protect and stop the suffering of these wonderful animals so our children and children's children have the privilege to share the planet with them.”

Jason Gillespie

Fast Bowler, Coach &
Australian Cricket Legend

"I’m supporting My Wildlife Challenge because I want to help to close down the illegal wildlife trade and to protect our wildlife teammates from being poached for their body parts. Tackling the demand for these products is essential to help protect wild populations of iconic species such as rhinos, elephants, lions and tigers."

Nic Stirzaker

Rugby Union Scrum Half

"I am supporting My Wildlife Challenge because we cannot let the many incredible species we share this planet with go extinct in our lifetime. We are all responsible for protecting global wildlife and supporting the communities that live alongside."

Libby Trickett

Competitive Swimmer,
4 times Olympic Gold Medallist

“I’m supporting My Wildlife Challenge because I believe it’s our duty to take care of our planet and all of the incredible wildlife in it. We should all make as many changes as we can, be they big or small, to protect our animals and support the communities that live alongside key wildlife populations.”

Chris Ciriello

Field Hockey Olympian & 2x Gold Medallist at Commonwealth Games

“I’m supporting My Wildlife Challenge as protecting biodiversity around the world will need a global team effort. I want to be a part of this team as it grows and invite you to get involved as well to protect our amazing plants and animals. What's Your Wildlife Challenge?