Before you dive into My Wildlife Challenge you may have a few questions:


If I want to fundraise, what do I do?

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First you need to decide if you want to do a team challenge or just an individual challenge yourself.

Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the prompts to register. After setting up your fundraising page you can start to ask for donations from your family, friends and colleagues via Facebook or email - templates can be found under My Dashboard.

When does the My Wildlife Challenge run?

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The event runs year round, starting on January 1, 2022. You can fundraise at any time and we will tally the funds raised at the end of December 2022.

Can I ask others to help fundraise?

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If you selected a team challenge and made your event public, you have the ability to invite others to be part of your ‘team’ for fundraising purposes. Every member of your team is a fundraiser for your event in their own right and has their own fundraising page. That’s why you have an overall team fundraising goal and each fundraiser sets an individual goal.

Please note that inviting someone to be part of your fundraising team does NOT mean they have to attend your event. That’s completely up to you. Your event can even be ‘virtual’ in that it is simply established for assembling a team of fundraisers working towards a common goal.

If I select Team Challenge, do I have to give money?

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My Wildlife Challenge has been created to support the world’s wonderful wildlife and to help ensure their survival in the wild.

While no one is obliged to give a donation, as the host of a team challenge it may be difficult to encourage your team mates and guests to make a donation if you don’t contribute yourself.

Does everyone who attends an event have to give money?

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Not everyone who attends your event has to donate money, but your team leader may ask you to share the bill of putting on the event, particularly if it is held at a club venue or similar where a booking incurs costs.

How do I ask people for donations?

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You can e-mail your friends, family and colleagues directly from the fundraising dashboard by clicking on the 'Send Email’ tab. You can use the e-mail template provided or write your own message to request donations.



Will you help me promote my event?

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It is much more effective to use your own social media and friends to advertise your fundraising activity or game. Remember that you can use the training for your race or game to ask people for donations and to keep them informed about what you are doing.

Where does the money raised go to?

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All money raised goes to innovative ways to tackle the illegal trade in our precious wildlife such as in elephant ivory or rhino horn. Please visit the About pages to learn more.

If I want promotional material where can I get it?

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As a registered fundraiser, you have access to the Tips & Tools page. We are constantly adding material that you can use to promote your event to this page.

If you would like any other materials, please contact us via email.

I am having technical problems with the web site, can someone help?

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Click here to contact us. Send us a message and we will get back to you.

Can I get a personalised fundraising poster?

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Yes, we can create one for you. Please get in touch via the Contact Us form.


What about cash or cheques?

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We do not accept cash or cheque donations for this event, so if your host asks you to make a cash donation, please let us know straight away. No donations outside using the website are accepted.

Do I get a receipt for my donation?

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Yes, when you make a donation through the website you will get a receipt via email. This receipt will be issued by Nature Needs More.

What currency are donations in?

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The currency for donations will default to the local currency of the country you are registering from for most countries. If your country is not on the list of supported currencies ( ) donations will be in Australian Dollars.

Now that we have answered your questions, are you ready to dive into My Wildlife Challenge?