Play Your Part in My Wildlife Challenge 2023

Are you taking part in a marathon, triathlon, ocean swim or other organized personal challenge? Why not link a My Wildlife Challenge fundraiser to your training schedule as you invest in preparing for the big day?

Or, maybe your personal activity isn’t so formalized as an organized event. Your fitness activities and challenges may be more casual, as a part of a small group of friends or simply hitting the road on your own.

While some people take on challenges purely for themselves a growing number of people recognize they can use their personal challenge to turn the spotlight onto an urgent issue, such as biodiversity loss.

If you have an irritant in the back of your mind that tells you to do something to help our wildlife teammates, then sign up to My Wildlife Challenge.

Become a wildlife champion today and not only feel good but also do good.

Run, Swim, Cycle – Care – it’s a win-win. 


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