World Games For Wililife 2021 Runs July 1 to December 31

World Games For Wildlife was cancelled in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic, a year like no other in living memory. Current events mean we still cannot predict how the world will look after COVID-19. Over this time it has become very clear how much we are all connected and that we are all in this together, people, wildlife and the planet. 

For two decades some of the world’s leading scientists have been expecting such a pandemic. They knew that humans are vulnerable because the line between us and exotic animals has long been breached for trade, both legal and illegal. The result is that out of sight and without any real check a trillion-dollar trade in birds, animals and plants flourishes. All this has happened because too few people are watching. One average, only 3% of non-government donations go to the environment & animals, and only a small amount of this goes to conserving wild animals. World Games For Wildlife has been created because we need your help to change this. 

We have created a platform that will enable you to get into action for wildlife and to create your own fundraising event, based on your personal interests or fitness goals. Over the coming year, we hope you will work with us to encourage family, friends and colleagues to support our wildlife teammates. 

Events can be run at any time over the year, anywhere around the world. You can compete with your friends close to home or host a competition across different countries and continents!

One thing that has become very clear in the last year, and confirmed by research, is that access to nature has been important for mental health during Covid-19 lockdowns. Research showed that people disconnected from nature because of the strictest lockdown policies were more likely to show symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Understanding this was considered so vital that in just one study a team of international researchers from Spain, United Kingdom and Norway invited citizens to voluntarily respond to a simple questionnaire to check their behaviour and mental health status in the face of severe measures that restricted mobility. In less than 20 days, 6,769 people from 77 different countries answered the survey. The main conclusion of the  research was that people who were under the strictest lockdown during the first wave of COVID-19, who were only allowed to go out for work or essentials purchases, were more likely to show symptoms compatible with depression and anxiety, compared to countries with more relaxed lockdowns where people could still visit natural places, such as parks.

Nature certainly takes care of us and, now, it is time for more of us to take care of nature. 

With World Games For Wildlife we have created a platform for you to make it easy to take one small step to help wildlife. 

Wherever you are in the world, whatever day or time you want and what ever fitness level, we are asking people in cities, towns and villages to do something active or host events for the World Games For Wildlife. Whatever your sport, soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, chess, cricket, dance sport, Aussie rules, baseball, barefoot bowls etc get together family, friends, colleagues and teammates and be a part of this global event. Or maybe you prefer an individual pursuit such as running, swimming, cycling or athletics? 

The global pandemic has told us there is no more important time to tackle the root cause of what we have all collectively experienced, namely too little respect for wildlife and the natural world. Register for the World Games For Wildlife and get active to support our wildlife team mates. We are either all in this game together or no one is on the pitch! 


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