The Ping Pong Rally

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I'm participating in World Games For Wildlife

I’ve decided that when it comes to our wonderful natural world, it is time to give our iconic wildlife some help, so I’m participating in the World Games For Wildlife between 5th - 30th November 2018 for the Ping Pong Rally.
Every day we lose nearly 100 elephants to poaching and a rhino is killed every 8 hours for its horn. We can’t let this continue! By fundraising for Nature Needs More I’m sending a strong message to the traffickers and users of illegal and endangered wildlife, we want this trade to STOP. I can’t imagine a world without them, can you?

Please sponsor me to support my challenge. No amount is too small or too big. Together we can make a real difference, because Nature Needs More.

Thank you for being game!


An Tran

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An Tran