Bob's Wildlife Fundraiser

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I'm participating in World Games For Wildlife

Hey friends,

I’ve decided to help out my friend Jim Dunton by participating in the World Games For Wildlife 2021. Jim has been a tireless wildlife advocate for years and has helped educate me about the man-made horrors occurring in our natural world. 

Did you know that every day elephants are killed for their ivory, rhinos are killed for their horn, lions are killed for their bones? These are just a few of the atrocities being carried out against our innocent wildlife species, many of whom are endangered.

By fundraising for Nature Needs More, Active for Animals and SAVE African Rhino Foundation, I’ve decided I’m sending a strong message that I want this trade to STOP. Image passing along a world without these beautiful creatures to future generations. 

I'd love it if you could sponsor me in my attempts to raise funds for this great cause. I'll be putting in hours on my stand up paddle board over the next couple months, so your donation could be tied to how many hours I put in on the board—for example, if you pledge $1 for every hour I'm on the water and I put in 20 hours in Sept/Oct, you've pledged $20.

Does that make sense? (I'll keep a running tally of where and how long I'm on my SUP and report back here.) can simply cut to the chase and make a donation today without waiting to see how many hours I've been on my paddle board by the end of the year.

Together we can make a real difference.

Thank you for being game!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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