Ten Hour Table Tennis Challenge

By Cameron Murray Join Me

Challenge Extended

So the inaugural 10 Hour Table Tennis Challenge was completed on 1 August in a suburban garage in Perth, Western Australia. What a fantastic experience it was! Putting aside the slightly stiff right shoulder on Monday morning, the sense that I might have been developing a blister on the bottom of my big toe and a sore back from bending over to pick up the little white bouncy thing an estimated 1000 times during the day, every thing went well. How many days do you have 50 friends around to your house to have a chat which is how it turned out. I was over subscribed on the 15 minute time slots I had arranged. 10 hours of table tennis as an excuse to have a great days fun with your friends as it turned out.

So here's my challenge - how about setting up your own 10 Hour Challenge and getting your friends involved. You'll be helping the wildlife of the world and I can personally guarantee you'll have more fun than you could have imagined!

I'm participating in World Games For Wildlife

What does conservation mean to you? To me it is the concept of ensuring that we leave for future generations a natural environment as rich as the one we currently enjoy. It is time for humankind to live as part of the natural world and not at odds with it.

On 1 August 2021 I am taking one small step to help in this process and I hope you may take a step with me. My aim is to play 10 hours of non stop table tennis stopping only for the other calls of nature and maybe to change ends of the table! I will need not only donations but also opponents so keep an eye out for a schedule of games you may be able to help me out with as well.

This is a great platform to make up your own challenge and take your own step on the way to conserving our beautiful planet.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Graham Calley


Davey Family

Well done mate. Sorry I could not be there to add to your victories on the table, but there in spirit.


Andrew Shoemack

Nice game of table tennis Cam


Hakan Yaman

Can some of the funds go to frogs?


Fleur Della-bosca

Go Cam 🏓 👏


Wiese Family


Michael Bisset


Louis Anastasas


Baz Mundy

Absorb the pain Camo!


Jess Murray

Go Cam go!


Fraser Murray

Nice idea. Forehand needs remedial work.


Stynes Family


Greg Nicolson


Rosie Jetti Smart

Keep up your wonderful fundraising!


Ash Parker


The Hope Street Murrays

Just keep batting them back TEV!!


Gordon Family

Need any competition?


Mark Berridge



Sean Elliott

Good luck Cam! 🏓


Tony Fairweather


Michael Cake

It was a mistake getting you while you were still fresh! 🏓


Dinesh P

Wish we could’ve been there! Great work on the 10-hr ping-pong-a-thon!


Ben Pickering


Phil Montgomery

Well done, Cam!!


Kenneth Taylor


Soo Lim-powell

A worthwhile cause, good on you!


Bull Family

Words of great emphasis and encouragement!


John Murray

Cheat. That double bounced !!!


Martin Storey

Thank you Cameron for all you do for the animals, and for us!


Amanda Shelsher

Well done Cam !!! DAVO AND MANDA


Jodie Grieve

Cruze and I are wishing you all the best in this great adventure! if you need participants send me a text and i'll come down for the challenge!


Aaron Bester

Impressive mate!


Heather Murray


Louise Tennant

Don’t forget to stretch before the big day😉😆 Good luck Cammo, you can do it!!🙌🏻🏓🦏🐾❤️


Brent Meyer

I how you have the balls to compete 10 hours.


Stewart & Marie

Go Cam.👍🏻


Martin Williams

Looking forward to a couple of sets against you!


Aaron Batten


Warren Farrow

Are you going to be Hamish or Leyton?


Oscar Brazier


Alan Mckie

Great work Cam


Jan & Brian

Go Cameron