Charlotte Bass

Ride The Rhino Way Join Us

Thank you

Thank you so much for all the donations so far. Me, Ava and Nicky will be walking in the shape of a huge rhino this weekend on sunday the 2ed. 

Ride The Rhino Way

Hi im Charlotte and I'm working with Ava snd a few others to make a change. 

I want our wildlife to stay on this earth!

I am participating in the World Games For Wildlife challenge because these animals deserve to live on this earth as much as we do. It is inhumane for people to kill innocent animals for sport or money. My challenge will be walking in the shape of a rhino head. I feel like this challenge will allow us to show our care for these creatures.

Every day we lose nearly 100 elephants to poaching and a rhino is killed every 8 hours for its horn. We can’t let this happen! By fundraising for Nature Needs More I’m sending a strong message to the traffickers and users of illegal and endangered wildlife, we want this trade to STOP. I can’t imagine a world without them, can you?

 Some people may belive that there are more importent things to worry about but rhinos are just as important as humans. We need to stop this now. And to make it even worse rhino horns have no proven medical benefits at all. So why are we killing these amazing animals for somthing as simple as a decoration for our kitchen table.

Thankyou so much any donations would be appreciated it dose not have to be much but every dollar counts. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Dave Bass

Pround of you


Susan Henderson

Good work Lotte 👌


Pa (vic)

A most valuable cause Charlotte. Well done. X


Fiona Sofra

Thank you for taking ACTION to raise both awareness and much needed funds! Well done Charlotte - proud of you! :-)) xx


Kate Bass

Well done girls. So proud of you for getting behind this!


Sonja Ebbels

Awesome thing to to do. Well done Charlotte!


Deb Cafferkey

Well done Charlotte and girls