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Go Low for Wildlife Join Us

Go Low for Wildlife

When it comes to our wonderful natural world, it is time to give our iconic wildlife some help, so I’m participating in the World Games For Wildlife 2021.
Every day elephants are killed for their ivory, rhinos are killed for their horn, lions are killed for their bones to name just a few of the tragic acts happening to wildlife. We can’t let this happen!

By fundraising for Nature Needs More, Active for Animals and SAVE African Rhino Foundation, I’ve decided I’m sending a strong message that I want this trade to STOP. I can’t imagine a world without them, can you?

Please sponsor me to support my challenge and join me. Together we can make a real difference.

From June 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 I will work towards raising money for wildlife. For each round of golf I play during this time, I would like donors to support me based on the number of Eagles and Birdies. As a donor you can choose how many of my rounds of golf you would like to "participate" in.  Here is a guideline of how I will be contributing:

Eagles $5 (I have had two eagles in the last two years during which I played just over 50 rounds)

Birdies $1   (I get anywhere from 0-2 per round)

Please sign up and pledge a flat rate for the season or donate as we play each round.  Or better yet, go ahead and sign up for own account and create your own game/activity!

Our Animal Kingdom is on the brink of losing many of its top members due to human behaviors. Your involvement and financial backing will help our organizations make a difference.  Thank you for your generous support.

And thank you for being game!

Event Information

Tuesday 01st June
Golf courses in and around Western Carolina and South Carolina

Thank you to my Sponsors


David Moody