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Happy 2023 People!!!

Got a great round of golf in with my sister and her son over the Christmas break.  Was able to record two birdies and make a donation to my Go Low for Wildlife fundraiser.  Excited to see MyWildlifeChallenge grow this year!!!  Hope you will join in the fun.  Happy New Year!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2022

As we all wind things down for 2021, I want to thank everyone who helped get World Games for Wildlife off the ground.  The participants, the donors, and everyone involved at NatureNeedsMore and SaveTheAfricanRhino Foundation.  We have been at it now for six months and have learned a great deal.  We are excited about what 2022 will bring. The global pandemic has put a spotlight on our relationship with wildlife. It is clear that Covid-19 was the result of crossing the boundaries between human and animals.  Hunting, illegal wildlife trafficking, farming, and the global move of people to cities has led to massive declines in biodiversity and increased the risk of dangerous viruses like Covid 19 spilling over to humans. We have to learn to coexist with wildlife so we can avoid more global pandemics in the future.  We hope you will continue to stay involved with World Games for Wildlife.  We have lots of great programs planned for 2022 we want to share with you.  So keep finding activities and challenges to keep the donations flowing.  Here's to a happy and healthy New Year!  

Active for Animals

Golfing for World Rhino Day

Scheduled to play 4 rounds of golf in Northern California with these long time friends this week.  Great timing with World Rhino Day next week on Sept 22.  We are all committed to using our golf skills (some better then others) to support the 3 great organizations who are helping the rhino.  All pars, birdies and eagles will be counted and tallied and a donation made based on our success.  Would love to have you join in as well.  Or start up your own 'game' to help support this great cause.

Asheville Municipal GC Sunday August 29th, 2021

Not sure where the month of August went. Finally made it out to play a round of golf for World Games for Wildlife with my golf partner and nemesis Tom.  Had a 9:12 tee time and the course was filled with golfers of all abilities.  The course was really in bad shape with all the recent rains.  But got off to a hot start, recording 3 pars and 1 birdie on the first 4 holes.  Unfortunately, a couple bad shots here and a couple missed putts there, got me into trouble.  Ended the front nine with a 43 but my psyche was toast and limped into the clubhouse with a 50 on the back nine.  Ugh.  So what could have been a super big day for World Games for Wildlife ended up being so-so. 1 birdie = $50 and 4 pars = $40.  Total of $90.  Please consider donating towards my goal.  Will make me feel better. Or even better, get out and play a round of golf or your favorite sport and make a donation to WGFW. Thanks for reading this post and for your support of World Games for Wildlife!!!  

4th of July weekend at Mt. Mitchell

Our group piled into one large truck on Saturday and made the hour drive to Mt. Mitchell Golf Club. Mt Mitchell is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi River so you can imagine it was quite majestic.  Beautiful day.  Lots of red, white and blue and sunshine.  Played a decent round of golf with an 86.  Birdied the 2nd hole, a par 3, by making a 25 foot putt.  Thought it was going to be a big day for WGFW but alas that turned out to be my only birdie.  Carded 5 pars in addition to the 1 birdie. So $100 raised so far.  Please consider supporting this great cause with a donation.  Every little bit helps.  Or please consider signing up and participating with your own activity.  It is a lot fun.  

Play a round of golf for wildlife

If you enjoy golf like I do and also share a concern for the future of our endangered animals, please play your next round of golf with Wildlife in mind.  Create your own page and set a goal for yourself in terms of pars, birdies and eagles and the monetary amount.  You can view my Go Low for Wildlife page as a guide.  If that doesn't feel right for you please consider making a donation directly to my page.  Also if you are passionate about another sport that works too! For more information visit the website to learn more about the wonderful organizations you will be supporting and how you will be helping our magnificent wildlife.  

I'm participating in World Games For Wildlife

Tell your supporters about your fundraising challenge and why you decided to participate in the World Games For Wildlife. Below is some sample copy that you can use to get started. You can always update it later.

I’ve decided that when it comes to our wonderful natural world, it is time to give our iconic wildlife some help, so I’m participating in the World Games For Wildlife 2021.
Every day elephants are killed for their ivory, rhinos are killed for their horn, lions are killed for their bones to name just a few of the tragic acts happening to wildlife. We can’t let this happen!

By fundraising for Nature Needs More, Active for Animals and SAVE African Rhino Foundation, I’ve decided I’m sending a strong message that I want this trade to STOP. I can’t imagine a world without them, can you?

Please sponsor me to support my challenge and join me. Together we can make a real difference.

From June 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 I will work towards raising money for wildlife. For each round of golf I play during this time, I would like  donors to support me based on the number of Eagles, Birdies and Pars.  I will post my scorecard after each round with a witness signature.  As a donor you can choose how many rounds of golf you would like to participate in.  Here is a guideline of how I will be contributing:

Eagles $100 (I haven't had an eagle in two years)

Birdies $50   (2 birdies is probably average.  4 birdies is extremely rare)

Pars     $10   (6 pars is about average.  Any more is unusual.)

Please sign up and pledge a flat rate for the season or donate as we play each round.  Or better yet, go ahead and sign up for own account and create your own game/activity!!!!

Our Animal Kingdom is on the brink of losing many of its top members due to human behaviors. Your involvement and financial backing will help our organizations make a difference.  Thank you for your generous support.

And thank you for being game!

Event Information

Tuesday 01st June
Golf courses in and around Western Carolina and South Carolina

Thank you to my Sponsors


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I am glad to support you and the work you are doing to help our endangered wildlife.


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Weekend of golf to honor World Rhino Day.



Keep working for Rhinos


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Great way to start 2023. Here's to an amazing year.


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1 birdie. 5 pars.Mount Mitchell Golf Club. Join in and support me if you can!


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