Birthday Party Games For Wildlife

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My Birthday Gift For Wildlife

Birthday Party Games – #MyBirthdayWishForWildlife

While you may not be the sporty type, please consider asking your family and friends to donate to World Games For Wildlife for your birthday.

Currently, only 3% of non-government donations go to the environment & animals, and only a small amount of this goes to conserving wild animals and their habitat. World Games For Wildlife has been created because we need more people to help change this.

By making a gift to wildlife once a year on your birthday and encouraging others to do the same is a great way to take one small step to help our wildlife teammates. 

The pandemic is zoonotic in origin, and it has kept families apart, including for special birthdays, for the last 2 years. Over this time it has become very clear how much we are all connected and that we are all in this together, people, wildlife and the planet.