Christmas Party Games For Wildlife

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My Christmas Gift For Wildlife

Christmas Party Games - #MyChristmasWishForWildlife

There is no more important time to think about wildlife than at the time of year focused on consumption. 

Unsustainable consumption is a key driver of biodiversity loss.

And while we aren’t trying to be the Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge this Christmas, why not add the present of a donation for wildlife to your Christmas list.

For those who can’t be with family (again) this Christmas through COVID, it is important to remember that the pandemic is zoonotic, triggered because the line between people and exotic animals has long been breached for trade.

The best Christmas present you can give to your children and grand children is to ensure that all the wonderful non-human animals we share the planet with will be around in the wild for future generation to see.

As you think about your Christmas gifts and games, please consider joining the Christmas Party Games For Wildlife Challenge. As you get together with family, friends and colleagues, please consider making a donation and giving a gift to wildlife to make sure they are still around in the wild for decades to come.  


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No greater gift than our wildlife and our planet which we need to protect.



Excellent work!