Voice of African Rhino

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I'm participating in World Games For Wildlife

In November I am participating in the NZ Pioneer MTB race in NZ a 6 day MTB stage race over a distance of app 400km with 16000 metres of climbing (equivalent of riding up Mt Everest twice in a week). I have decided to make use of this opportunity to raise funds for demand reduction campaigns to save the African Rhino.   Its been a few years since I last did so.  Sadly the poaching has not decreased significantly in the intervening years with 3 rhinos being killed every day and up to 100 elephants for their ivory.  The situation is grave (no pun intended).

The World Games For Wildlife run between November 2018. My fundraiser is part of this campaign.
By fundraising for Nature Needs More I’m sending a strong message to the traffickers and users of illegal and endangered wildlife, we want this trade to STOP. 

Generations to come won't see a rhino or elephant in the wild.  Do YOU want to see this happen ? Time to wake up folks. Our Wild life needs us more than ever. Now is not the time to be complacent.

Please sponsor me to support my challenge and join me. Together we can make a real difference, because Nature Needs More.


Thank you to my Supporters



A BIG heart. Ride like the wind !






Richard Tustin


Norm & Jenny Mccann

Best of luck with the ride Richard, hope you'll have your climbing legs with you, course looks brutal. Regards Norm & Jenny



Great cause Richard Good luck


Helle And Warwick Thomson

Go boys, go!!




William Lewis

Thanks for doing your bit to Save these magnificent creatures for the benefit of ecosystems but also for our future generations


Sarah Hughes

Go for it Richard!! We need more go getters like you in this world 🌍


Diane Crowe

Good luck Richard