One Stick Wonder

By Savannah Tran Join Me

I'm participating in World Games For Wildlife


Hi, my name is Savannah and I am 7 years old. I'm doing the World Games For Wildlife challenge because I want the rhinos and lions to stay alive and live forever. I also want to keep them safe in their home.

My legs doesn't listen to my brain so I use a wheelchair sometimes at school but I normally use 2 sticks to help me walk. My challenge to help the animals to be alive and not be extinct is by trying to walk with only 1 stick which is going to be very, very hard.

You can save the animals with me by helping my fundraiser.

Thank you for helping me reach my goal.

Thank you to my Supporters


Jim Litis

Well done


Sydney Chipchase

Good Work and Good Luck Chippy



Well done young lady with your efforts to raise funds to keep rhinos and lions safe in Africa. And on your efforts to walk with just one stick. I bet you get there!


Celine Luke

Thank you for helping to save the animals


Sonja Trpkovski

You are a superstar Savannah!!!!


Tam Truong

With much love


Cynthia Rossack

I am very proud of you raising funds for the animals in Africa


Greg Nicolson

wishing you the very best Savannah.


Karin Hauser

Fantastic effort Savannah. You are an inspiration. :)


Geoff Symonds

Good on you!!


James Dunton

Go Savannah GO! Thank you for helping save the Rhinos and the Lions. You are an inspiration.


Ngan Truong

Wonder girl Savannah!


Rebecca Hoang

Great effort from an amazing trooper!


Sarah Lyons

Good luck Savannah and thank you so much for helping to protect wildlife.


Oliver Basson

Great job Savannah, you’re an inspiration. Thank you for helping the animals.


Beverley Vanderhoeven

You go girl


Khang Pham


Dao Truong

Go Savannah our gorgeous wildlife warrior. Love you heaps! Di Dao, Nick, Alexis & Kingston xxxx


Trang Truong

What a great job you are doing Savannah xoxo


Gaetano Bonaviri


Amara Truong

Well done cuzzi! We are so proud of you and love you very much ❤️


Jeannie Tulloh

Well done Savannah. You are an inspiration to people all over the world xxx