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Wolves for wildlife

Wolves for Wildlife
Wolves are normally seen as a threat to other life – this year we are encouraging a new meaning of Wolves at your door. We are hoping to turn the old saying into one with a positive connotation as we encourage people to support Wolves for Wildlife.
The Concept – on the weekend of the 30th of July the Westside Wolves Hockey Club is supporting My Wildlife Challenge. It is hoped players and teams will get behind the concept in support of action toward protecting against ongoing biodiversity loss, species protection and habitat protection. 
The idea – it is hoped that one member of each team will register with My Wildlife Challenge and JOIN the challenge established by Jake Harvie and major club sponsor The Dalkeith Vet – Wolves for Wildlife
The process of registering is quick and simple. 

1.     Go to and click on the DONATE button

2.     Scroll down to find Jake’s Wolves for Wildlife event and click on it

3.     Press the “Join Me” button

4.     Follow the steps to Create your Account and set up your page

5.     Distribute your link to your team mates

6.     Start trying to outdo other teams as to who can raise the most for wildlife

7.     All teams who join the challenge are in the draw for a prize of a $100 bar tab at the club supported by Dalkeith Veterinary Clinic and the team with the most successful fundraising will receive a prize from Hockey Republic of a stick and bag. 

In Jake’s Wolves for Wildlife Challenge, you will see ideas on how to present your challenge to you donors. It might be that 

a.     You just ask supporters to directly support you because they love you and wildlife. Or to make it more interesting

b.     You may ask supporters to make a donation and that IF Wolves loses each player will contribute an additional donation

c.      You may ask that your supporters make a donation, and that each player will make an additional donation for each goal the opposition scores

d.     You may choose to pledge a dollar amount for every goal your team scores that weekend 

Be creative, the challenge you set is up to you and your team.
More information on My Wildlife Challenge can be found at

Event Information

Saturday 27th August 12:00 - 20:00

Thank you to my Sponsors


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