Skip n K-pop

By Tia Trinh Join Me

Skipping n Kpopping for World Games For Wildlife

Hi everyone,

My name is Tia and I'm 9 years old. 

One day when I grow up I want to visit Africa to see the beautiful rhinos, elephants and giraffes playing in their natural habitat. My mum tells me they might not be around much longer if we don't help them. So I have decided to join the World Games For Wildlife to speak up for children my age and also the wildlife because we need to let adults know what we want and what we care about. 

We care about our world, we care about nature and we care about animals and wildlife.

I love skipping and have been doing it since 5 years old when I was in prep. I also love kpop dancing and have been choreographing my own skipping routine.

I will come up with a new routine and will share it on facebook during November. Keep an eye out for date and time.

Please sponsor me to help me reach my target. I don't work yet so don't have a lot of money but will donate all the pocket money I have saved. Please give whatever you can. Even if it's just $1, if a lot of people give it can grow into a big, big number.

Thank you and giving you a big hug for your help.

Thank you to my Supporters


Jim Litis

Well done



Keep up the good work.


Má Ba

Well done, Tia!


Cynthia Rossack

So pleased to know you are wanting to support the animals in Africa. My granddaughter also loves Kpop


Greg Nicolson

Hi Tai thank you for doing such a great job in helping to protect our Rhinos. your are awesome


Geoff Symonds

Good on you!!


Sarah Lyons

Well done Tia for standing up for wildlife. I hope you enjoy doing your routine!


Tia Trinh


Thi Ha Thuong Nguyen

Dear lovely Tina, Thank you so much for your message and thank your parents for raising you so well. I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews around your age, they are caring about the world, nature and wildlife too. I have the same dream as you do; therefore, I promise that I’ll give my best to help save what we are caring for. I have the only hope that my nieces, nephews, you and other children won’t have to live on a polluted planet, and won’t be alone on this beautiful earth. Love.