24 Hour Rhino Fundraising Challenge

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As part of the World Games For Wildlife, we have created a 24 Hour Rhino Fundraising Challenge. How much can we raise in this time period?  But what is the challenge we hear you ask?

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to get one person, family member, friend, fellow student or colleague, who has NEVER before made a donation to wildlife conservation to give something to the event. 

Obviously, it will be easier to ask them to support the event if you have already made a donation to the 24 Hour Rhino Fundraising Challenge.

So why is this a challenge? Currently only 3% of non-government donations go to the environment and animals. Yes, 3% and much of that is to dog and cat homes, so even less goes to wildlife conservation. 

Over 90% people give to human causes (health, education, social justice), and a few percent goes to art and culture (which is also a human cause).

Your challenge is to get at least 1 person, new to thinking about wildlife conservation, to make a donation (or match your donation) to the WGFW 24 Hour Rhino Fundraising Challenge for World Rhino Day 2021

To solve the current extinction crisis, we need more people to care, take notice and help by making donations.

Nature certainly takes care of us and, now, it is time for more of us to take care of nature.

Are you up for the 24 Hour Rhino Fundraising Challenge? 

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