The illegal wildlife trade is massive, yet it is the failure to monitor and police the legal trade which makes it so easy to launder illegal products into legal supply chains. There is no real transparency in the legal trade of endangered and exotic species, supply chains are opaque and all the talk of sustainability in recent years is just that, talk. Nature Needs More's reseach led us to conclude the huge legal trade in endangered species is enabling the equally massive illegal trade to flourish because currently these two are functionally inseparable: 

To highlight these issues, we have been contacting and meeting with the stakeholders of the legal trade in endangered species since 2018. This isn't only goverments and NGOs, but also business, industry groups and investor organisations. Nature Needs More believes that any of the stakeholders - business, government or conservation - who want the sustainable use model to remain must commit to validating it. Radical transparency is the first step. 

Because the system that regulates the legal trade in endangered species hasn't been modernised since the 1970s, we are all blind shoppers when it comes to buying the products, services and experiences whose supply chains rely on the nearly 40,000 endangered species listed for legal trade restrictions.  

Nature Needs More has been shining a spotlight on the system that facilitates the global legal trade, which has been ignored for decades. We are beginning to see the first signs of change and it is improtant to maintain the pressure on all the stakeholders who want to keep the legal trade in endangered and exotic species. As a result, we are building campaigns to increase consumer awarness of this issue.

Our campaigns not only raise the profile of the problems of the legal trade, we challenge business and their investors to make their supply chains transparent.


By participating in the World Games For Wildlife you will be helping to raise funds for Nature Needs More campaigns to maintain the pressure for change. If businesses, industries and investors won’t commit and contribute to a minimum step of making supply chains transparent, then it is time to say, no more greenwashing – No Transparency, To Trade. And, whilst we can only guess at the type of work that more-and-more young people will value, we launched our Best Jobs For The Furture campaign, so governments and industries know whats in store. The funds will also be used to publish more rhino horn demand reduction campaigns in Viet Nam. As consumers we must understand that extiction is a real risk if we cannot curb our unchecked, vulgar desires. 

Nature Needs More, is a charity registered with the ACNC. ABN: 84 623 878 428. We are based in Melbourne, Australia and the organisation is run by volunteers. 

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Nature Needs More